Our Values

Sensitive Sleep Consultants trained through the Institute align their values of:


  • Being respectful of all parenting styles

  • Supporting a nurturing relationship between parent and child

  • Encouraging breastfeeding where possible and supporting the mother's choices

  • Staying up to date on safe sleeping recommendations in particular how to support co-sleeping families who wish to continue co-sleeping

  • Attentive listening and empathising with families going through sensitive issues

  • Maintaining a high level of professionalism and close support to the client

  • Considerate of attachment theory and parenting values

  • Guiding clients through tailored solutions born from a place of understanding and respect


Our Mission
  • To be a lighthouse of hope and understanding to professionals and families who need solutions to sleep issues yet do not wish to partake in traditional sleep training (cry it out, controlled crying etc).

  • Provide quality evidence-based training and education to professionals on sensitive sleep approaches.

  • Provide quality coaching and support to parents on sensitive sleep approaches.

  • Provide individualised mentoring to students of the Institute 

  • Link and network professionals in the sleep industry to support eachother.

  • Advocate for perinatal mental health

  • Advocate for biological and psychological perspectives in sleep health


Graduate from a highly respected training provider. ISSC set the global standard in working from a parent-child bond perspective, since 2015.

We are also the only provider to coach students in the craft of tailoring approaches effectively.

Personal Mentor

We provide you with your one-to-one mentor .

Additionally, your practice work is over-seen by the Founder.

You're always supported in our online peer group with our past graduates

Most Qualified

Our approved program is designed by one of the most suitably qualified instructors in the industry (Masters degree). 

Our co-supervisor leads the way in business mentoring, an inventor in this field, with a law degree


Proudly offering the most affordable programs - we do not engage in lavish campaigns & designs to lure students - we rely on word of mouth. Therefore we do not need to charge lavish fees for our programs

About the Founder

Kel Whittaker founded the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting after identifying a need in the child sleep industry to support and educate professionals who identify themselves as respectful of attachment parenting values, positive parenting principles and other parenting styles that nurture the parent-child bond, whilst guiding clients to respectful solutions to their sleep issues.  This has led to an industry movement, with other course providers following.


Kel worked one on one with clients on the Gold Coast and leads a team of sensitive sleep consultants.  Kel feels her understanding gained through her Bachelor of Psychological Science (including attachment theory and cognitive development) have been fundamental in adapting her approach.  Kel also completed a Master of Social Work (Q).  She holds a GP certificate in Insomnia Diagnosis and Treatment and certificate in Infant Mental Health Foundations, Medicare training in pregnancy counselling and is trained in crisis counselling (Lifeline),  and is a Happiest Baby Educator.  Kel is a Representative for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. She is also a Professional Associate of Attachment Parenting International, and is a member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, a published contributor to the International Maternity & Parenting Institute and a featured Wisdom Expert for the Birth Institute. Kel is proud to share her thoughtful program approved with International Institute for Complementary Therapists. She also has a background as a Childrens Ministry Leader (ages 1-4 years). Prior to her relocation to the Gold Coast, she was recommended by Pediatricians at Royal Darwin Hospital and invited to present to their board. Throughout her experiences with assisting parents, she has shaped her practice of assessing and coaching parents with sleep issues to one that ultimately listens to the client and guides and counsels them to find their own solutions from a place of love and understanding. Kel does not claim to be an 'Expert' - the world does not need more Experts, it needs Encouragers.

What's the difference with the Sensitive Sleep Consulting way?

We strongly encourage regular communication between client and consultant to see you through each phase/step in your plan. That's because our approach to work is always what's best for the child's timing, not ours.


We also don't base plans on rigid rules. You'll never hear us tell you not to pick up baby for a cuddle.  We understand attachment theory, we understand sleep and we understand how to put them both together beautifully.  Too often, parents who do not feel controlled crying is right for their child, are forced to silently suffer with sleep deprivation with an unhelpful mantra of "This Too Shall Pass". Enter your Sensitive Sleep Consultant!

"Sensitive Sleep Consultants aim to sensitively navigate weary parents to a place of hope and restore sleep in the family, without compromising your parenting values"


Although we specialize in Attachment Parenting Sleep approaches, we do happily work with ALL parenting styles, and take on a sensitive approach to meet your needs. We do not advocate cry it out. We do however understand that at times children express themselves with crying, which we aim to respond to appropriately with respect to your values.


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Founder: Kel Whittaker

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