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Our internationally approved program is evidence-based and research led. Comprising of coursework and supervision of practicum work, delivered by online learning. Suitable for working with infants and children aged 0-5 years (or up to pre teens with our Advanced program). Whether you want to specialise working with attachment parenting families or adopt a sensitive approach to working with ALL parenting styles, this is the course for you.

Explore the evidence based research and theories within the complex world of infant sleep. Typically, our Infant and Child Sleep Consultant Program takes about six months to complete (at a part-time basis). You will be guided through the course material, participate in role plays, explore case scenarios and be opened up to thought-provoking concepts. The full program aims to prepare participants to work independently with families as a sleep consultant, or alongside their current role as a parent educator/counsellor/midwife/doula/lactation consultant/child care worker etc.


"When I got certified through another sleep consultant course two years ago, I didn’t feel confident.  But  now, the Sensitive Sleep course made me confident that it is possible to explore different approaches, being flexible to parents and children’s needs and with a more psychological view and less mechanical way to analyze cases. The unpreparedness of many consultants related to the attachment parenting field (myself included before taking this course) may be the cause of attachment parents not wanting to get the standard advice" - Mariana Britto, program participant, Sleep Consultant, primary school Teacher specialising in child development)

Thoroughly expand your knowledge and confidence in working with families with sleep and settling issues, as we delve well-beyond the basics. If you're feeling like surely there must be more options than telling parents "this too shall pass" or "try controlled crying or camping out", then its time to come on this journey.  This program is for those looking to truly help and compassionately support clients using respectful approaches based on research-led practices and matters of the heart.  

Key Topics Include:

  • Psychology and Science of Infant and Child Sleep

  • What is 'Clean Sleeping' for children

  • Attachment Theory and how to support better sleep 

  • Bedsharing, co sleeping, or own room:  we can help

  • Exploring the scientific evidence on protecting the parent-child bond, and different views on handling crying, with personal permission from well-known authors in the field of attachment and aware parenting (such as Dr James McKenna and Alether Solter).

  • Principles of Sleep Consulting the Sensitive way with research led practices

  • Gain understanding of all sleep training methods with a focus on the psychological science behind why some fail and which ones succeed.

  • How to get results without traditional sleep training.

  • How to determine which approach is right for different families. Workshopping difficult cases that doctors and nurses put in the 'too hard basket'.

  • How to develop a successful sleep plan.

  • Supporting co-sleeping families.

  • And More.


"I have really enjoyed being part of the Institute. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & teaching us how to become better sleep coaches in training then we would have been without you." - Diane Carter, program graduate, sleep consultant


All participants are eligible to join our peer support group during and after completing the course.  In this group, we also connect via Zoom for group sessions.  For those who would like to continue with the certification process, supervision is provided on practical consultations. Practical work involves working with eight practice clients; including the consultation and providing 3-weeks of follow-through support to each client's case and providing a write up of the process/outcome).

" My practice clients commented on the amount of gimmicks and online programs they have bought in the middle of the night, pinning their hopes that each plan or comforter will fix it. The parents place a lot of blame on themselves for their perceived failure of being unable to teach their child to sleep. I fundamentally believe education is the key to success with having a child that sleeps well and it is my perception that the information I provided to the parents was constructive and provided them with validation and understanding. I believe I underestimated the knowledge I bought to sleep consulting from being a midwife"  Kate Ross (Midwife, program graduate) 


Come on a journey of self-discovery and let yourself absorb a wealth of knowledge, encounter different perspectives, and be supported as you develop your sound professional stance on a sensitive approach to sleep training methodology.

"There are many things that I learned about the biology of sleep, as well as appropriate techniques that I did not know before. I am very pleased with the amount of information this course covered, and how it has prepared me. I feel confident in my ability to work with various families."  - Samantha Graham, program graduate and Counsellor


Pre-requisits: There are no formal pre-requisits. This course can be studied on its own or will also build upon a well rounded addition to your skillset if you have studied with a general sleep consulting organisation previously and/or currently have a background in any related field such as: psychological science, nursing, lactation consultant, counselling, GP, child care educator, mental health worker, volunteer childrens outreach program. For beginners, the program is also a building block to begin your career.

Assessment: Research Report, Final Exam, Practicum & Client Review Report due within 12 months of beginning the program.

 "I wanted to complete the course to see what other sleep methods were available and adjust these to suit each families parenting style. I now have a variety of approaches I will use that are tailored for each child and take into consideration their needs, cues and capabilities" - Kellie Campbell, program graduate, Midwife

Sensitive Sleep Consultant Certification

Sleep Consultant Certification Course


Mentoring Support 

All students receive individual and group mentoring support. For distance learners, support is available by phone, zoom, and email. 

"I have learnt more than I thought possible and now feel confident and well-equipped to sensitively help families get back on track. This wouldn't have been possible without a supportive and knowledgable coach, so many thanks to Kel"  - Kim Lucas, program graduate, early childhood educator. 

Open to all participants world wide.

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