Parent's Sleep Course: How to Sensitively Solve Your Child's Sleep Issues NOW and ALWAYS


The Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting is proud to present this one of a kind extensive course program for parents.


An in-depth program that will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to apply sensitive approaches to your own child's sleep issues. The course aims to equip you with the skillset to understand your child's current sleep situation and the underlying emotional well-being development, and identify any future issues as they arise. You will forever be your own Sleep Consultant!


Suited for all parenting styles, particularly Attachment Parents/ Co-sleepers. 


The Institute provides evidence informed learning to professional sleep consultants all across the globe, and now it is your turn, as a parent, to receive the same education. Our parents program will provide you with access to the same lessons our consultants receive on sleep science, psychology of methods, routines, age-appropriate recommendations, etc.

All participants will be entitled to a 30 min private coaching session by phone following the course! 


Cost:  $600

Please register your interest in attending.  Please note: you will not be able to certify as a consultant by undertaking this course. You will need to upgrade to the full version including assessments. 




Top recommendation: We love how this dad has used his soothing voice to calm babies and made an audio album available for all to enjoy!  So if you're not a fan of white noise, we highly recommend giving this a go, and it compliments our techniques too.  Read more here:

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