Respectful of the parent-child bond

Our Mission  

  • To be a lighthouse of hope and understanding to professionals and families who need solutions to sleep issues yet do not wish to partake in traditional sleep training (cry it out, controlled crying etc).

  • Provide quality evidence-based training and education to professionals on sensitive sleep approaches.

  • Provide quality coaching and support to parents on sensitive sleep approaches.

  • Provide lifetime mentoring to students of the Institute 

  • Link and network professionals in the sleep industry to support eachother.

"Oh my gosh, this has completely given me a fresh perspective, it has challenged and opened me up especially in understanding the basis of attachment parenting! It has broadened my viewpoint and given me so much more to apply and authentically practice. I am so grateful" - Veena Parry, Sleep Consultant, program participant.


world's first program of its kind


Perfect Execution


Our Founder is the region's rep

Sensitive Sleep Consultants trained through the Institute align their values of:

  • Being respectful of all parenting styles

  • Supporting a nurturing relationship between parent and child

  • Encouraging breastfeeding where possible and supporting the mother's choices

  • Staying up to date on safe sleeping recommendations in particular how to support co-sleeping families who wish to continue co-sleeping

  • Attentive listening and empathising with families going through sensitive issues

  • Maintaining a high level of professionalism and close support to the client

  • Considerate of the 8 Attachment Parenting values

  • Guiding clients through tailored solutions born from a place of understanding and respect

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