Kel Whittaker

Founder  |  Instructor |  Encourager

Double-degree qualified, with a calming presence, Kel is a most suited industry encourager. Kel felt the industry needed a deeper enrichment from the psychological science field, specifically, focusing on the human nature that is attachment. 

Kel Whittaker founded the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting after identifying a need in the child sleep industry to support and educate professionals who identify themselves as respectful of attachment parenting values, positive parenting principles and other parenting styles that nurture the parent-child bond, whilst guiding clients to respectful solutions to their sleep issues. Read more...

Emily Duffell

Co-Supervisor | Business Mentor

Emily is a rare jewel in this industry. An author and inventor and savvy business gem, Emily developed her private sleep consultancy after training with us.  We soon realised she was a perfect fit to bring to the team, as a co-supervisor and business mentor for students and graduates. Emily, originally studied law, but had a nagging feeling she wanted to do something more personable after having her first child and realising the sleep battle needed to be won. Emily authored a self help book for sleep deprived parents and teamed up with her husband to invent a children's sleep clock.

Graham John

Administration  |  IT support

Graham works behind the scenes helping things run smoothly

Hannah Peterson

Co-Supervisor | USA / CAN Mentor

Hannah has a wonderful history of working closely with the Institute. She owns a growing consultancy in AZ where all her team members are certified by our Program! Hannah also developed a stunning parents course for toddlers and preschool age sleep issues and is the mastermind behind the R.E.S.T model our consultants utilize. Hannah originally began her career as a pediatric nurse in New Zealand. She now lives in the USA with her husband and five children (yes, 5, that's a qualification right there!) 

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