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Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting advocates for attachment parenting families and trains professionals.


The values of attachment parents are often cast aside by professionals in the child sleep industry. Co-sleeping mummies are left feeling alone in a hopeless choice of either choosing controlled crying or silently suffering in a state of sleep deprivation with unhelpful mantra’s of “this too shall pass”.


Enter the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting. Founder Kel Whittaker says she “felt a passion for sensitively guiding parents and professionals to improve their sleep, with guidance, respect and understanding of their parenting style”. Kel, who worked as an attachment parenting sleep therapist on the Gold Coast Australia, has a degree in Psychological Science and Master of Social Work, developed an internationally approved training program to mentor sleep professionals on her sensitive solutions approach. The program has led the movement in the industry, with other training providers following some years later.

With the global success of their original certification program, the Institute have now launched their Advanced certification package.


The Institute encourages all forms of professionals in the industry from nurses, doctors and consultants, to consider more sensitive approaches to their clients. “I saw a gap in the sleep consulting industry where parents were either forced to compromise their parenting values to do various versions of controlled crying methods or live with sleep deprivation” Kel says. “Sleep deprivation is no way for an adult, let alone a child to thrive. With my approach, I believe if you love co-sleeping, or if you need your space, whatever your style, there are respectful ways to help you get more sleep together”.  Families that work with Kel have seen reduced wakings and more refreshed sleeping habits within weeks, whilst still respecting the parent-child bond and even co-sleeping arrangement if that’s what the family desires. With a focus on remaining calm in the home and nurturing the family’s bond, the Institute’s values closely align to those of attachment parenting and similar parenting styles.

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Founder: Kel Whittaker

Sleep Consultant Certification Program 2015

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