Already a Sleep Consultant? or working with clients/patients with sleep issues?

Want to become a member of the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting?


Up to 30% OFF for professional candidates!


Suitable for those applicants who are already working as sleep consultants, medical or counselling practitioners, lactation consultants, and formally trained child care educators, etc, but would like to align their practices with the values of the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting. It is recognized that related professionals have their expertise and experience and therefore may not require as intensive mentoring as a beginner, so they can enjoy a discount on the program. 

Upon completion of training, participants can also apply to be part of the referral system.


Please contact the Institute to express your interest so we can determine your prior learning/experience (this will determine a quoted fee for the program. Generally: Level 1: 10% (relevant work experience/certificate/diploma) Level 2: 20% (relevant degree or post grad cert/dip, not in child sleep) Level 3: 30% (relevant degree in sleep science or psychology and another sleep consultant course that meet criteria).



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