Everything from the original program, Plus!

Lessons learned in clinical practice: Conflicting values and goals: getting to the core of why parents can fail at any sleep training and how to help them align with their values. 

Self reflective practice: why do it and how to do it effectively.

Consultant Confidence: working on your own self worth as a professional... an Aha! Moment for growing your business.

Interviews with successful business leaders in the sleep consulting industry across  the globe.

Working with older children. Are you nervous about what comes after the Threenager? We get in to more depth about working with children aged 3-10 years.

Examining perinatal depression and attachment to child in pregnancy in relation to post birth relationship with child and likelihood of postnatal depression.  Exclusive access to an unreleased systematic review of the scientific research in the last ten years.

Practical guided activity to demonstrate how to get your client to open up more so you can work out the best method for their problem. 

Case dissection and consultation of a real life practice client. In depth comparison of our prior assumptions and knowledge VS the outcome of the consultation. 

Live call session - a one hour session with your mentor and peers - to be scheduled with you.

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